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*Personalized Blessings and Decrees* is a  service which assists the Healing and Well-being of people, families, relationships, pets, as is needed in their lives, which in turn creates a happier Society.  

All Blessings and Decrees  are created through Love. 

Gratitude is the AttitudeBrian Taraz & Starr* Saffa

Who is Starr*

A Distinct Identity

Here at *Personalized Blessings & Decrees*,

I am dedicated to assisting  individuals and families with any issues they may be dealing with in life- including Blessings for Departed.

By doing so the world itself becomes a better place  in which to thrive.  All issues are  open for assistance, including pets needs.                          Loving Greetings!

Dramatic Dew Drops

May the Light of Love

always beat in Your Heart

Great things are done by a series of small things done together. Vincent Van Gogh

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