Testimonies - Assisting Life Through Blessings and Decrees

June 25, 2018


Starr*:  Today I made this little site to let people know about the Powerful Blessings and Decree Work I have been doing in the last few years, so that, they too, may benefit from this Sacred Work.


Many people are aware of My Blessings and Decrees and have thanked me for my assistance. Now that I have gone public, I am starting to gather the testimonials.


I'll start with one that was sent to me Today by a lovely woman, who contacted me regarding safe-guarding sacred land and the ecosystem there, as well as for several other reasons. I am happy to say she knows the Power within them. She writes: 


"I am such an advocate of your offerings dearest sister. You have created "activating + magical" decrees, those you have shared with me, all have worked. Love you and your inspiration. Happy travelling." Tania Magnumm.


Thank You Dear Tania - With Infinite Love

New Testimony from Alba Iommazzo

June 27, 2018

I’ve known Star for a while now and one day she was lovingly listening to my problems with my accommodation, I didn’t know where to start. So she spoke to me about doing a Decree for me, I wanted an affordable, healthy, peaceful environment which is what I got!

 But more than that she included within the Decree me being able to make decisions on my own that best serve me rather than defer that onto someone else. Since my Decree that Star tuned into and tailored for me I am more capable of looking after myself and making better choices and am stronger with everything that comes up for me. This woman cares and I’m inspired by her fire, I love her. Alba    Thank You Beautiful Alba - You Shine and I Love You too! 

My name is Betty Butler, I wish to give my testimony for the Decree Starr* Saffa did for my Cat Angel. Angel had developed a nasty growth in her right eye. On going to the Vet he said it looked like a cancerous growth.

I straight away rang Starr* for a Decree for the healing of Angel my Cat because the Vet thought he would have to take out the eye. As soon as the Decree was written and activated Angel’s eye healed over night and she did not need the operation.  I am so grateful for Starr*

Starr*s Decrees have helped me with several matters and challenges in my life. Her latest Decree helped sell my house in an astoundingly quick and perfect timing. I fully recommend to anyone needing personal help to access the power of these sacred Decrees and Blessings.   Anna Dumas

Greetings Everyone,  

I asked for a Decree from Starr* for my Grandson who was having many critical issues in his personal life.

Starr* addressed all of them in her Decree. What was amazing was the immediate effect on the situations, for within a week everything was greatly improved. Thank You Starr! Elizabeth Rose

Genna Forcina:  I have known my dear friend Starr* for many moons and sunsets and was always encouraged to search for the beauty within and all that it is!     Love, Genna

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